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Homemade Waffle Mix

Homemade waffle mix is ​​something I often have in stock at home. It works exactly like the waffle mixes you can buy in the supermarkets, but here you know exactly what’s in it.

This one only consists of four ingredients, and there’s a good chance you already have them in stock.

When you empty the contents of the glass and mix it with wet ingredients, it turns into the most delicious crispy waffles. They smell all over the cabin when you make them!

You can both have homemade waffle mix in stock at home, but it is also a really sweet gift idea to give a homemade waffle mix. With a ribbon around it, you have a sweet hostess gift or perhaps a Christmas present

Recipe for waffle mix

The recipe consists of two steps. Both are very easy. First, fill the glass with the dry ingredients. Wheat flour, sugar, baking powder and vanilla sugar. Then it must be poured into a glass that can hold 500 ml. and which can be closed tightly. There are many fine glasses and often at good prices. They can also often be found in thrift stores in various shapes and sizes.

That was part one of the recipe. Now you have a homemade waffle mix that you can keep at home for a rainy afternoon or you can give it away as a gift.

Now for the second part of the recipe. The wet ingredients. In order for the mixture to turn into crispy waffles, it must be mixed with milk, eggs and melted butter. Exactly the same list of ingredients as if you made waffles in the normal way. You can read the exact amounts below in the recipe itself

Labels for homemade waffle mix

If you choose to give a homemade waffle mix as a gift, it is important that the recipient knows how to conjure the contents into waffles. Therefore, you must indicate which ingredients are to be added to the finished mixture and then, of course, the procedure.

A good gift opportunity to give a homemade waffle mix

Personally, I think you can give a homemade waffle mix on all sorts of occasions. As a housewarming gift, for new parents, as a Mother’s Day gift, as a birthday gift, etc. If you want to give something more, it is also a good ‘add-on’ gift. Let’s say you’re giving some nice bedding, but want to give something more. Then a homemade food gift is obvious. Something that makes the overall gift personal and cosy.

See all my recipes for edible gifts here.
Recipes for homemade ready mixes

There are almost no limits to which cakes and types of baked goods you can make your own ready-mixed version of. I have a long list of good ideas that I need to test. It always takes a little longer to develop a recipe like this, as it must both work in a glass, and the finished result must, of course, taste fantastic.

That’s how long a homemade waffle mix can last

I am often asked about the shelf life of my ready mixes, and I always find it very difficult to answer. Therefore, I choose to answer very conservatively and say 5-6 weeks. However, I myself have had ready mixes standing for a much longer time. For example, this ready mix which I may have had to stand for 3-4 months before I used it with great success.

The shelf life depends on the dry goods you put in. What is their shelf life of them? They will often have a very long shelf life. In addition, the shelf life also depends on whether you have used a glass that is airtight, whether it is completely clean and how you store the glass. It should preferably not be in direct sunlight, but preferably in a drawer or on a shelf where it can decorate.

Ang. the finished waffles are most delicious when they are completely freshly made. If you save them and have some leftovers on the second or third day, you can put them in the toaster and you will have warm and crispy waffles in no time. You can also easily freeze them and then heat them in the oven.

For the finished mixture itself

400 g wheat flour
150 g of sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
For when you want to bake the waffles
8 dl milk
150 g melted butter
2 eggs


Mix all the ingredients and pour them into a glass that can be closed tightly. Decorate it and write the following on a piece of paper.

Quantity: 16-18 pcs. Pour the contents of the glass into a large bowl. Add 8 dl milk, 2 eggs and 150 g melted butter. Stir well. Leave the dough to rest in the fridge for 20 minutes and then it is ready to be baked in a waffle iron.

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