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I have seen quite a few different recipes for rye bread cake but have not followed a particular one. Traditionally, blackcurrant jam should be used in a rye bread layer cake, but I allowed myself to use blackberry jam because I had run out of both blackcurrant jam and blackcurrant, and the nearest supermarket had none of the parts.


5 eggs
150 g dark rye bread, grated or finely chopped
150 g dark brown sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 tablespoon wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
50 g hazelnuts, finely chopped
a little pinch of salt
butter to the mould


3½ dl cream
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
blackcurrant jam or blackberry jam
ca. 75 g dark chocolate, chopped
Possibly. fresh berries


Divide the eggs into whites and plums so that the egg whites are in one bowl and the egg yolks in another. Beat the egg yolks with dark brown sugar until fluffy and frothy. Then beat in rye bread crumbs, cocoa powder, wheat flour, baking powder, salt and chopped nuts. Whisk the egg whites stiff and turn them into the cake batter with a gentle hand. Take a springform of approx. 24 cm in diameter and butter it thoroughly on the sides (if you want to make a rye bread layer cake with three layers, use a springform pan of 20 cm in diameter instead). Cut a piece of baking paper and place it in the bottom of the mould. Pour the dough into the mould and bake it in the oven at 180 degrees for 35-45 minutes. Stick in the cake with a thin wooden stick to check if it has had enough. If the cake batter does not stick when you pull out the stick, it is ready to be baked. Take the springform pan out of the oven and allow it to cool slightly before removing the springform pan ring. Then refrigerate the baked layer cake base for a few hours so that it can collect. It makes it easier to cut out.

Now it’s time to assemble your rye bread cake. Split the layer cake base horizontally so that you get two equal layer cake bases. Place one on a layer cake platter and spread a generous amount of jam on top. Whip the cream to foam together with the vanilla and spread half over the bottom. Lay the second layer of cake base on top. You can possibly spread more jam on, but you can also do as I do and stick to spreading the rest of the whipped cream over it. Sprinkle well with chopped chocolate and garnish with some berries. I used fresh raspberries from the garden.

Serve your rye bread layer cake immediately, or – if you are in good time – the day after, where it tastes even more fantastic.


I’m not so much for a classic layer cake, but this Southern-style of rye bread layer cake won my heart. A juicy and delicious layer cake that both has depth in the taste, which is kept in check by the whipped cream so that the cake does not become too strong. I served my rye bread layer cake the same day I had put it together, but since there were leftovers, I also got the opportunity to taste it the next day and there it is even better! My advice is therefore that you make sure to put your rye bread layer cake together the day before you want to serve it.

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